Film Festival

This year marks the 40th edition of the Sundance Film Festival, bringing together audiences in Utah and beyond to celebrate Sundance’s rich history of supporting engaging new stories and groundbreaking independent artists.

Sundance is more passionate than ever about the importance of celebrating and protecting fiercely independent voices; finding, nurturing and supporting a diverse roster of art and artists; as well as spotlighting work that can entertain us while it challenges and moves us.

Massive engaged in the summarizing this ethos in the 40th campaign and the opening titles played before every film.

Brand Motion System


Sundance Film Festival comes with a rich history as it followed the film technological evolutions for the past 4 decades. Massive sought to emulate the craft of film negatives vs digital. We studied designs and movement generated with transparent sheet prints projected thru light boxes.


Massive Assembly


Sundance Film Festival

Jason Yeh
Eugene Seo

Lead Animation
Murilo Almeida

Motion Design
Yuee Seo
Murilo Almeida

Motion Exploration
Murilo Almeida
Federico Leggio

Sound by
Matthew Neighbour